Sunday Funday

And….it begins!

I recently got Sunday’s off from both of my jobs again! Sunday is my favorite day of the week and I am SO happy that I get to spend it doing anything but working 😉  Most dread Sunday because their weekend is coming to and end but I work Friday and Saturday nights so I lovelovelove an early Sunday morning in bed.

My mom and I got to spend the morning together. I was CRAVING donuts this day and it coincidentally happened to be National Donut Day. I went to Winchell’s and came home with a dozen donuts…for the two of us. What is this thing you call, self control?


My second stop was Whole Foods! I never know why I go there because everything is so over priced but it gives me this feeling I cannot describe! There is nothing I enjoy more that being surrounded by cold pressed juice and women in their forties who just left a pilates class. I left with my favorite yogurt, granola, and some pretty little peonies. These babies are a rare commodity in Denver. I cannot find them anywhere so I couldn’t help myself.


For the latter part of my day I ran a few more errands and came home to hangout in my backyard before the sun went down. We have had about three weeks of consistent rain and I needed to take full advantage of the sun we were getting! I ended my Sunday Funday snuggled in bed while watching a mini marathon of the Jaws movies on AMC.

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