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Puerto Rico!

Sharing some of my favorite photos from Puerto Rico with you guys! After sun bathing, eating, and exploring for a week I  C R A V E  island life now!

I took a mini get away with my sister early last month to Puerto Rico and fell in love. We stayed right outside of San Juan in Isla Verde for five days. We spent a lot of our time in the water but my favorite part of the whole trip was the food! My sister has family that lives super close to where we were staying so we were lucky enough to celebrate Aunt Emma’s birthday with her – the home cooked meal changed mi vida!

Everything in Puerto Rico is fast paced and so colorful! All the people were friendly too. Old San Juan was one of the places that I was most excited about visiting, so we spent a whole day there walking around, shopping, and eating of course 😉

We also got a little glimpse into the Puerto Rican night life and went out for a night with some of the people we met at our hotel. On Friday night we went out to a little bar area downtown called La Plasita. It was fun getting to know so many different people and dancing to Spanish music!

I could go on and on about how much fun I had! X,















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