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February Beauty Favorites

Hey beauties! I am EXTRA in love with all the products I’m mentioning in my beauty favorites this month. I dabbled around and bought some things online from a new brand AND I’ve actually been using a lot of the skincare products I’ve gotten from work. Is there world ending? 😉

If you have an Instagram account I’m sure you’ve seen someone rave about Morphe cosmetics once or twice…..and with good reason! The quality of these products is ridiculously good for their pricing! I got the two brushes I’m mentioning for less than $5 EACH! Of course they have some brush lines that have prices comparable to Sephora and Mac too.

I bought three brushes off the site, but I only liked these two. I needed another blending brush because I am wayyyyy too lazy to wash the one I have every time I want to do a different colored eye look so I picked up the Morphe M200. SO BOMB! It’s tapered at the tip for precise blending in the crease, and it’s a lot smaller than any other blending brush I have. The bristles are so soft! I didn’t have any problems with the brush shedding while I was washing it. The other brush I got was the Morphe M159. Honestly I only bought this because it was like $3 and I had $3…. It is a little weird to think that they put an angled brush connected to a flat shader brush. Unless you’re doing a smoked out winged liner with your eye look EVERY time I don’t think these two should be together. Individually these brushes are I recently started using a gel eyeliner and I like how flexible yet stiff this angled brush is. I have also used it for a shadow wing which turned out a lot better than any other time I have tried to do it. Like I said earlier, for the price the quality is insane. IMG_2232





SKINCARE! Guys, I 100% do not know how I lived my life before I had these peels. I’m going to start with a little skin background – I am acne prone with a combination skin type, and I also have hyper pigmentation. I hate when I read reviews on things and they’re like 2 out 3 people said they saw dramatic results by the second use!! Lets get real Clean and Clear. But I promise when I say I saw a difference overnight, I DID. I had some golf ball sized pimples and when I woke up in the morning they were sooo much smaller and dried out. I think its the clinical dosage of retinol in it that made it happen so quickly. I did feel like my skin looked more radiant and glowy the next day too. I think the cell turn over from the vitamin A did that. I did get a little too excited and used it night after night and it died my skin out SO BADLY so definitely spread it out a day or two. These very pricey so I am glad I got these from work for free.99, I will be so sad when they run out because $88….dass esspensive.


Bite Beauty recently reformulated their lipsticks. I liked the old formula – I didn’t think that they could make them any better! But this new little beauty changed the game. Game changer alert! New product alert! This is sooo long lasting and sooo comfortable on the lips. Mine is in the shade Molasses. Its a very warm brown-ish red, would you be surprised that this is one of my favorites? 😉 These lipsticks are so creamy and buttery and smooth! If you liked the older formula I’m sure you will love these just as much, if not more.


Drugstore lipstick has always been one thing that I know I can count on to be pretty dang good! I got this Maybelline lipstick at Target….because it was on sale and all I can say is thank you jesus! It is in the shade 940 – Touchable Taupe. Another brown ish shade, judge me! This one is more cool toned than the bite lipstick. It’s almost mauve colored but more brown. Its a satin finish and pretty long wearing. I definitely have to re apply after I’ve eaten but its only $5 or so, so I’m not really complaining about it.


ALL PRAISE DUE TO THE MOST HIGH – the Morphe 35O palette! I do not know how many times I tried getting this little baby! It would get restocked and sell out again in like 10 minutes EVERY time. So I had to stalk the Morphe website for weeks. Crazy, I know! But SO WORTH IT! These shadows are SO pigmented, so creamy, so bendable – SO EVERYTHING! I don’t wear a lot of shadow but when I do its usually a color that is in this palette. As you can see its full of browns, oranges, shimmery browns and shimmery oranges 😉 It retails for $22.99 which is insane because you get like 30 shadows! A palette at Sephora or Mac with this many shadows would be well over $50! IMG_2248

These pictured above are my favorites. The palette doesn’t name the shadows so I can’t tell you which ones they are 😦 but I love that I can create a bomb intense smokey eye with these or just do some day to day eye contouring. If you have $22.99 in your back account right now leave my blog, go get it, and then come back and tell me how much you love it!


Let me know in the comments what your beauty favorites are this month! I’m always looking to try some new things!




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