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March Beauty Favorites

Hi beauties. It’s that time of the month again!!! (Wait, what?) Lately I’ve been into a “no-makeup” look lately so I don’t have a whole lot of products to share this month, but I still wanted to share some goodies with you guys!


Y’all…..avocado oil is EVERYTHING to me! I tried using coconut oil so many times, and I wanted to love it so badly but it always always always clogged my pores and broke me out. But it’s winter time and ya girls skin is dry so I had to find some kind of oil to keep my skin soft and hydrated…the answer is avocado oil. I actually use this to take my makeup off at night instead of makeup remover wipes. I can totally see a difference in the way my skin looks in the morning and I will even use this as a moisturizer on the days when I’m feeling extra dry. I love it! And so much cheaper than buying a $20-$30 moisturizer every few months….dass esspensive.


A lot of my ladies at Sephora use this eyeliner and are always recommending it to clients. Lets get real though, I was not about to buy this bougie Marc Jacobs eyeliner…. So I was pretty happy when we got it in gratis. This is the creamiest, most blendable, blackest eyeliner I have EVER used. I usually don’t even wear eyeliner in my waterline but I started because I got this 😉  I promise you it is smudge proof. I don’t get any transfer from my upper waterline to the lower one. I’ve been wearing this and some mascara for the past few days and skipping my usual winged liner. (lazy)


The most beautifulest of all beautiful lip glosses! Metallic Rose by Anastasia Beverly Hills is everything’s everything. These lip glosses are SO pigmented, I think they should just be called lipsticks with gloss. Is that a thing? This color is a rose-pink with a hint of blue reflects in it. I haven’t stopped wearing this since I bought it. It smells kind of like cupcakes, it isn’t sticky like most glosses, and it’s really comfortable. I can wear this all day and forget that I even have it on. Sephora just recently got the whole Anastasia line so I’m hype to try all the other goodies she has 🙂


I’m always into trying new skin care items because your makeup will only look as good as your skin does! I never used to tone my face until some girls at work shunned me for skipping this step in my skin care routine (whoops 😉 I googled a little bit and found a lot of reviews on this one. It is supposed to calm skin irritation with the rose petals and witch hazel is supposed to fight breakouts, all while restoring pH levels in your skin. (I think thats important)

Was this made for me…..?

I actually hate using cotton balls or any of those pads on my face so I poured some of this toner into an empty Mac Fix+ bottle and just spray it on my face after I’ve showered. Soooo much easier/faster. I think the lady at Whole Foods told me that rose water is supposed to be really good at keeping your skin hydrated and I believe dat. I’m usually using everything under the sun to keep my skin clear which makes is ULTRA dry -_- but this helps. I can see a difference if I wait a few minutes after I’ve sprayed it to check my face again in the mirror.

Let me know in the comments what you guys are loving right now!




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