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I think it’s Spring

Leather jacket and dress | andreasanae

Spring weather is so iffy in the beginning, especially in Colorado. We had a snow storm less than a week ago and then it was back in the 8o’s. Needless to say, I’m m o r e than ready for summer to make its comeback 😉

I was diving deep through Instagram one day (no shame in my game) and stumbled upon Social Print Studio and was inspired to create this lookbook of some of my favorite unpredictable spring weather fits. I mean how cute would it be to have your own personal Kim Kardashian selfie book?!

I’m so into stripes it should be a crime. Here I’m wearing my faaaavorite sweater/shirt from the Who What Wear x Target collab. I mention how IN LOVE I am with everything from that collection in an earlier post 

Denim cutoff are always a spring and summer go to! I’ve had these little babies from the Gap for so many years

IMG_2627IMG_2626Stripes and denim cutoffs | andreasanaeIMG_2608

I LIVE in dresses once the weather gets warmer. A dress is so much easier than pants. Who wants to wear pants in 80 degree weather??? So not into it.

This dress is backless and so flirty. I’ve already worn in a few times and I’m obsessed. This was one of those toooo good to be true Forever 21 finds. Layering is maaaajor for the spring. A little wind could have me regretting wearing a dress so I paired this little cutie with my leather jacket. It adds warmth and a little edge

Backless Spring DressIMG_2596Print Dress and Leather Jacket | andreasanaeIMG_2594

MORE STRIPES! And boyfriend jeans! Literally my uniform. 😉  Also feeling very Grecian in these sandals

IMG_2622IMG_2612Topshop boyfriend jeans | andreasanaeStriped sweater and boyfriend jeans | andreasanae

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