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Island Hoppin’ Part I

I still can’t believe that I went on a 7 day Caribbean cruise! It was everything. I was actually gone for 9 days including the time we spent in Florida before the ship set off. So after all that time I was definitely ready to come home but I do miss sitting on the beach all day.

Back to life. Back to reality. 

I went with mi familia and the ship stopped at three islands – St Maaten, Puerto Rico, and Haiti. If you guys look back at some of my other travel posts I went to Puerto Rico with my sister around this time last year.

St Maarten was the first stop on our three island trip.

On this day we ported pretty early. We hopped off the ship and immediately took a tour around the island. We were able to see both Dutch and French St Maarten. I think my favorite part about this day was getting to sit in a little French bakery. I don’t know why I wasn’t expecting there to be such a heavy French influence on the island but there was. Everyone spoke French and there was a lot of French cuisine everywhere. AND we got to take a water taxi that day! Could you image living in a place where they have WATER TAXIS?  *brb moving to St Maarten*


I’m going to break this trip up into three different posts so look out for those! 😉

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