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Puerto Rico – We meet again

Freakin’ *swoon*! I cannot stress to you guys how in love I am with Puerto Rico. I love the people, the food, the architecture, the history, the culture – EVERYTHING. I could definitely see myself living here if I ever got used to that dang humidity.

My grandparents booked this trip for me as a graduation/birthday gift. They knew how much I loved going to Puerto Rico with my sister last year that they found a cruise line that stopped at the island. They’re so good to me ❤

Wait….Did I mention how much I love Puerto Rico?

This was the second stop on the cruise and sadly it was our shortest day 😦 but I did get to see a lot of cool buildings in both San Juan and Old San Juan. We went to Castillo San Cristóbal, did a little souvenir shopping, and I got my Puerto Rican food of course! Trying to fit so many things in with 8 people, in 90 degree weather, was a little difficult. I am surprised that we got to see and do as much as we did in the short amount of time.

I wish there was an authentic Puerto Rican food joint in Denver. I could SURVIVE off tostones, mofongo, and arroz con pollo. There might be and I just don’t know about it – let me know! The only thing I wish we had time to do was go to the beach. After this last trip there I can absolutely see myself making Puerto Rico an annual trip. There is still so much that I want to see and do! But anyways, here are some of my pics from this time around and definitely check out the pictures from last year as well 😉


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