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Hangin’ in Haiti

Labadee, Haiti

On the last two days of the cruise we were at sea traveling back to Fort Lauderdale and that is when I realized that I barely took any photos of Haiti!!! 😦 We ported in Labadee which is just a private beach destination that only the Royal Caribbean cruise sails to. It is on the north coast of Haiti and it is sooo beautiful. There were mountains and so many trees! It looked like a scene out of a movie or something. The water was so blue – like something you would see…in a movie? 😉

On this day my cousin and two uncles and I went snorkeling. I didn’t think I would be able to bring my camera with me because I had nowhere to put it, but when I got on the boat to head out literally everyone and their mommas had cameras. I was so mad at myself. BUT I did get a underwater camera so if I can figure out how to get those pictures onto my computer I will definitely upload them here!

Haiti was very relaxing. After we got back from snorkeling for a few hours all I did was lay on a water floaty, fell asleep, and got a little sunburnt. I will never forget our captain for snorkeling – dude knew like 6 languages!

So, since I didn’t get a lot of pictures I just decided that I would upload all the random pictures we took on the ship and the few I did get post snorkeling 😉

Labadee, HaitiLabadee, HaitiLabadee, HaitiLabadee, HaitiLabadee, HaitiLabadee, Haiti Labadee, Haiti Labadee, Haiti

These next few pictures are just some of my favorites that we took a long the way

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