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July Beauty Favorites

July Beauty Favorites | andreasanae

I can’t believe I missed my June beauty favorites. Honestly I don’t even think there were any products that I tried that I was living for….so they weren’t worth mentioning. But we back! With July! And some new goodies!

July Beauty Favorites | andreasanaeJuly Beauty Favorites | andreasanae

I have been using this EVERDAY. Every second of every day I want to be drenched in this ABH Glow Kit. I actually wasn’t a fan of the previous two. I didn’t think that the pigmentation was as good as the highlighters they released before the Glow Kits, and also the colors just looked SO ashy on me. But this one I think it specially made for my brothas and sistas with a little melanin. The texture, to me, is a mix between a cream and a powder. They’re so buttery and beautiful. Summer and Bronzed are my absolute favorites! Sidenote: If you’re not into glowing from space I don’t think that this palette is for you.

July Beauty Favorites | andreasanaeJuly Beauty Favorites | andreasanae

Urban Decay came out with 100 new Vice lipsticks. That’s INSANE. 100 lipsticks! There are a few different finishes: mega matte, comfort matte, sheen, cream, and some other ones. I got the shade Firebird and it is everything! Its a mix between hot pink and fuchsia but metallic at the same time. I love the way it looks on me with the summer tan I have goin on. These new formulas are all so comfortable and long lasting. Firebird is a cream finish so it does transfer when I eat and all that, but that comes with any lipstick that isn’t matte. I would definitely recommend swatching and trying some of these out next time you’re in Sephora.

July Beauty Favorites | andreasanae

This new Benefit Brow pencil has REPLACED my Anastasia Brow Wiz and my NYX brow pencil. I hated it at first because I wasn’t using it right, but practice makes perfect and now I’m in love. The reason I like this pencil better than the other two is because it is so much softer and creamier…which a lot of people aren’t going to like. I know a lot of people are dedicated to the brow wiz because of how waxy it is. But this one is so much better for me, personally, because I have a lot of brow hair. I’m not actually filling anything in. I’m just outlining them. It makes it so much faster for me to get my brows done when I’m doing my makeup and I really like the colors. This pencil is in shade 4 which is really neutral on me. I think I could even go for shade 5.

July Beauty Favorites | andreasanae

All hail Milani 2 in 1 Foundation! HAHA. I searched high and low for this foundation at Walgreens because I did not want to buy it online. Dat shipping doe….

I have been applying this foundation with a damp beauty blender and not setting it with powder afterwards and its sooo pretty! Even though it is FULL FULL coverage it doesn’t look like it. You know how fuller coverage foundations look cakey, this one doesn’t. It really looks like a layer of skin. The only thing that I don’t like about is that there aren’t very many color choices. I got shade 9, which is the darkest, and it is still too light for me. I have been mixing it with my Urban Decay One n Done but the perfect color. I don’t mind mixing but for everyone else out there, that’s kind of annoying.

July Beauty Favorites | andreasanae

Eve Lom da bomb baby! *in my best Bring it on voice* Until I discovered cleansing balms I was using makeup remover wipes to get my makeup off and I don’t even know why those things are still on the shelves. They’re horrible. Don’t be afraid to use this if your skin is oily either!

This starts out as a balm and as your massage it into your hands and face it turns into an oil. I use it all over and even on my eyes. I don’t have any irritation with it and I don’t mind the smell.

A cleansing balm gets your makeup off soooo much better and is so much better for your skin. After using this for a while I noticed that my skin wasn’t so dry and I wasn’t breaking out as much. Double cleaning is the wave and you need to hop on. I don’t see a huge difference between this one and the Sunday Riley one I was using for the past few months. I just thought I should mention one again because of how awesome they are! 🙂

Let me know in the comments what you guys have tried out and why you like it!

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  1. Great post! 🙂 I really want to try the Milani Foundation but I just don’t have a clue what colour I would be haha! x


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