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August Beauty Favorites

August Beauty Favorites | andreasanae

Seeing August go is so bittersweet. The end of August means that Fall is basically right around the corner. Summer don’t go! But this also means that my birthday is coming! And then its Halloween! We can skip anything that isn’t summer, my birthday, or Halloween. Don’t @ me

Anywho, here are some of the things I used religiously this month and months past 🙂


August Beauty FavoritesAugust Beauty Favorites

I struggled all summer finding a bronzer because I got SO tan! I thought about using a darker powder foundation as a bronzer at one point until I found this little baby! This bronzer palette comes with four different bronzers, two matte and two shimmer. That is so perfect for me because I like to use shimmer bronzer on my cheek bones and a matte one on my forehead. BECAUSE I’M EXTRA! Let me live. I like that there is a variety of shades too. They do not have names unfortunately but I use the bottom right shade EVERYDAY. I love the undertone, it isn’t tooo red and it doesn’t make me look muddy if I go ham. Definitely recommend this and it’s only like $6 or so!

August Beauty Favorites

Urban Decay has given me life over and over and over again with these vice lipsticks. 100 shades?! How will I ever get to try them all?? Dios mio! I am loving two right now more than ever. The shades Rock Steady and Conspiracy are my jam. Rock Steady is a brick red with a cream finish. I wore this to work the other day and all my lady friends complimented me on it. I actually forgot the lipstick at home and wasn’t able to touch up my whole shift, I also went out afterwards and it was still on! So it is definitely long wearing. I don’t know if metallic lips are still a thing but I’m not giving it up because Conspiracy is SOO beautiful! Metallic lips are definitely something I would wear on a night out because of how edgy it looks. This brown/taupe shade is a little more turned down than most of the other metallic lip shades I have seen. I love it!

Soo…I’ve been extra lazy with my makeup lately. No shadow and no liner. It’s literally three hot most of the time and I don’t want to waste time putting that stuff on if its just going to melt off the second  I leave the house. I have been wearing this Urban Decay eyeshadow primer in the shade Minor Sin as an eyeshadow! It’s a primer so its pretty sticky and doesn’t move around your eye lid – perfect for this heat! I like wearing this because its so easy. It has a really pretty champagne sheen to it once you’ve blended it in. It just makes me look so much more awake and effortless when I wear this and a little mascara.

August Beauty Favorites

I don’t know how many of you stalk the Kardashian’s on IG like I do but I have been living and breathing for Kourtney Kardashian’s makeup lately. The heavy lash and neutral smokiness in her crease is so beautiful – but the nude liner in the inner rim!!!! I love how it just opens up her eyes and makes them look 3x bigger. I found a nude liner by Rimmel and decided to give it a try. I am so in love! I wear this on my bottom rim with lots and lots of mascara.

August Beauty FavoritesAugust Beauty Favorites

Lastly, had to throw in some skin care. K Beauty was HUGE a few months ago, but I’m still all about it. These Tony Moly masks initially just caught my eye because of how cute the packaging is but they’re actually amazing! It’s hard to know what they actually do for your skin when looking in the store because all the information on them is in Korean. I have tried a few but this Pore Care mask is by far my favorite. I have repurchased it so many times already. According to Ulta the red wine is supposed to reduce the appearance of enlarged pores while tightening and purifying skin, giving you a healthier looking complexion. Definitely! Out of nowhere I started noticing larger pores around my nose and cheek area. I use this about twice a week and I can see a noticeable difference in my skin after wearing the mask for 20 mins or so. I think I will use this before a night out next time!

August Beauty Favorites

August Beauty Favorites | andreasanae

Let me know if you guys have tried any of these products in the comments!

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