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How effortless does this look? Personally, I think jewelry can elevate an outfit from 1 to 10. You won’t catch me dead without at least a pair of earrings on šŸ˜‰ I’m deciding to take a different direction with my blog. Instead of trying to style specific outfits I want to show you guys what I’m actually wearing. Here I have on my FAVORITE high waisted jeans from H&M. Which they don’t sell anymore and I’m bummed. Believe mw when I say I’ve tried to stock up on these bad boys. They fit perfectly and I am VERY into raw hems right now. I’ve paired them with my step satin black tank top which has been in almost every one of my posts, a cardigan for the questionable Colorado weather and espadrilles. I already know I am going to wear the crap out of these this summer. Abercrombie and Fitch tank H&M jeans ASOS Espadrilles Forever 21 cardigan Madewell necklace Urban Outfitters bracelet Advertisements

Styling Grey Jeans | andreasanae

Follow Me To…

This is an outfit I wear almost errday On this day I was just running some errands, I stopped at a coffee shop and also my second favorite place on earth – World Market. This look is slightly monochromatic, which I love. I’m wearing dark grey jeans and a grey distressed button up. This black vintage bag does not leave my side. Although now that I use it SO much I’m afraid that the handles are loosening and I’ll be devastated if it breaks. I’m very into bandanas around the handles of my smaller bags right now. I think it adds a little extra flare and individuality to a look. Jeans: TargetĀ (similar) Shoes Vintage Bag Zara Shirt

Speaking Spring into Existence

Spring or Sprung. It’s like California or Bust……get it?! I’m all about speaking things into existence. Therefore, we’re talking about all the things I cannot wait to wear once it starts getting warmer. I don’t know about you guys but I honestly feel like winter is the longest season. It just drags on and on and on AND ON! It’s probably just as long as all the other seasons but I am more than ready to see it go. I’m pale and I want to wear sandals again! Do you hear me or do you hear me? Anyways, right now I am into boyfriend jeans, button ups, espadrilles,Ā and t shirt dresses with sneakers. Here I am sharing some of the pictures I used for inspiration while shopping. Yes, I have already bought some spring and summer pieces šŸ˜‰   Images: WhoWhatWear, Pintrest, CollageVintage,

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February Beauty Favorites

Feb-ru-ary? I almost certain I’ve gone all 24 years of my life saying Feb-u-rary. Either way, I’m back! And tired of saying I’m back…I should just stay. Anyways,Ā I’ve been using a bunch of these things for over a month but I’m still super excited to share them with you Adult acne *queue dramatic pause and kill the music* is the bane of my existence. I kid you not! Iā€™m all about any and everything to keep my skin clear so I have been loving the Laura Mercier Blemish Less Foundation Primer. I’m not going to say its ā€œpreventing breakoutsā€ but when I do have them this seems to calm everything down. I apply it after my moisturizer and let it sit for a hot minute while I brush my teeth and do my hair. I just think my skin looks less red, the texture is minimized, and I find that Iā€™m less oily throughout the day. Canā€™t ask for much more. Lā€™Oreal True Match. Oh my god! Das ma baby! All I want to say …

The Leaves Have Changed

Here I’m wearing a lot of my favorite things: cropped flares, loafers, and a big sweater. My favorite part about fall is that I get to wear sweaters but show a little skin at the same time. I think 10/10 people aren’t into this high waisted, mom/cropped jean but I’m living for it. I would wear these everyday if I could! Is anything ever THIS funny? šŸ˜‰   Loafers Madewell JeansĀ (Similar) SweaterĀ (Similar) Knotted Belt Celine Sunglasses

September Beauty Favorites | andreasanae

September Beauty Favorites!

I am fully aware that it is October 6th… But I don’t skip out on beauty faves, okay! I have some oldies and newbies, nevertheless ALL goodies to share with you all this month šŸ™‚ And can I just mention how freaking excited I am that its October!!!! Halloween is everything to me. I just want to quit both of my jobs to lay in bed all day and night, watching Hocus Pocus and Beetlejuice. *que Drake’s Fancy lyrics* NARS Orgasm is a cult favorite. I think there was a point in time where I couldn’t watch aĀ Youtube video without someone mentioning this guy. Recently the hype made waves again. I had sooooo many women come into Sephora asking for this because they saw it in the Wall Street Journal. Random!Ā  But with good reason. I love the gold shimmer in this blush, on my skin tone it just looks so luminous. I favor a matte finish to my foundations so I like how this adds some dimension or a skin like look to my …

NYFW Street Style

Another year and another NYFW week has gone by! Still dreaming of the day I make it thereĀ šŸ˜¦ one day guys, one day! I love following some of my fellow bloggers on snapchat so I get to see theĀ Ā behind the scenes/live footage of the shows! I also love that bloggers are bridging the gap between blogging and Youtube. I get to see what they’re doing in between shows, fittings, and how they handle all the hassle and bustle. My absolute favorite part is definitely the street style though! Fashion is obviously everything to me but style brings fashionĀ to life. You can spend thousands of dollars on the hottest bags, shoes, tops, and pants but it means nothing if you don’t know how to style them. Here are some of my fave outfits! Images: Collage Vintage and Vogue Magazine  

Velvet Ankle Boots Fall 2016 | andreasanae

Velvet is Trending this Fall

There is no statement truer than what goes around comes around! Velvet is trending this Fall, y’all! The hottest trend of this Fall has already been seen on the hottest it girls!Ā Velvet wasĀ also all overĀ the runways by Anna Sui, Jenny Packham, Gianvito Rossi, Prada, and so many other designers. I’m not talking about just velvet booties either – dresses, jackets, footwear. ALLA DAT! I already love how velvet has been style for both Summer and Fall. I think these booties are going to be great transitional pieces. What do you guys think? Yas or pass on the velvet?    

August Beauty Favorites | andreasanae

August Beauty Favorites

Seeing August go is so bittersweet. The end of August means that Fall is basically right around the corner. Summer don’t go! But this also means that my birthday is coming! And then its Halloween! We can skip anything that isn’t summer, my birthday, or Halloween. Don’t @ me Anywho, here are some of the things I used religiously this month and months past šŸ™‚   I struggled all summer finding a bronzer because I got SO tan! I thought about using a darker powder foundation as a bronzer at one point until I found this little baby! This bronzer palette comes with four different bronzers, two matte and two shimmer. That is so perfect for me because I like to use shimmer bronzer on my cheek bones and a matte one on my forehead. BECAUSE I’M EXTRA! Let me live. I like that there is a variety of shades too. They do not have names unfortunately but I use the bottom right shade EVERYDAY. I love the undertone, it isn’t tooo red and it doesn’t make …

July Beauty Favorites | andreasanae

July Beauty Favorites

I can’t believe I missed my June beauty favorites. Honestly I don’t even think there were any products that I tried that I was living for….so they weren’t worth mentioning. But we back! With July! And some new goodies! I have been using this EVERDAY. Every second of every day I want to be drenched in this ABH Glow Kit. I actually wasn’t a fan of the previous two. I didn’t think that the pigmentation was as good as the highlighters they released before the Glow Kits, and also the colors just looked SO ashy on me. But this one I think it specially made for my brothas and sistas with a little melanin. The texture, to me, is a mix between a cream and a powder. They’re so buttery and beautiful. Summer and Bronzed are my absolute favorites! Sidenote: If you’re not into glowing from space I don’t think that this palette is for you. Urban Decay came out with 100 new Vice lipsticks. That’s INSANE. 100 lipsticks!Ā There are a few different finishes: mega …